Who We Are

The Ottawaskiclub.com (OSC) is a non-profit volunteer organization which operates alpine ski racing programs in the National Capital Regionof Canada (Ottawa/Hull). OSC operates out of Camp. The OSC is part of the National Capital Division (NCD) of Alpine Canada. The OSC has annual elections for the club executive and yearly financial statements.

The OSC programs run independently from Camp and it's programs (Fortune Ski Academy). Registration with the Club is done via this web site, as well as at a date and location specified on this web site every year.

The OSC relies on parent volunteers to stage ski races. Races range from local Ski League races to nationally sanctioned FIS races and provincial championships. Our Juvenile and Junior racers participate in many races in other clubs in Ontario and Quebec. The OSC runs summer (Chile), pre-season (Colorado) and early-season camps (Mt Ste-Anne, Tremblant) as well as fall dryland training.

Mission Statement

We believe that: the well being of society is enhanced through personal excellence - physically, intellectually, and socially - and that leaders inspire individuals to pursue their own personal development. The Ottwa Ski Club is promoting alpine skiing as a means of developing team and individual potential.

Camp ski area

Ottawaskiclub.com programs operate on the slopes of  Camp ski centre, with the cooperation of the Centre. Because, the Club does not have a physical office, people who wish to register their children with the Ottawaskiclub.com often confuses the Camp racing programs with those of the Ottawaskiclub.com.

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