Briefly about life and sport in Canada

This article is extremely useful for new Canadians. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Its territory extends far to the north, to the snowy Arctic, but the majority of the population lives in the south, near the United States border. Canada consists of ten provinces and two territories. The country is full of contrasts: from fishing villages scattered along the Atlantic coast, to such major industrial centers like city of Montreal with French-speaking population. Canada was an agrarian country. Agriculture still continues to play an important role, although now Canada has become a country of highly developed technologies producing all kinds of goods. Country's name comes from the Indian word designating the village or community. There are many different communities in Canada. Many people are of British or French origin that is why there are two official languages in the country.

Canada is one of the few countries that actually declares a policy of immigrants attracting. In accordance with the Immigration Agency, Canada annually produces about 300,000 immigrant visas. At the moment, it is the most global program of immigrants' attraction from all existing in the world. Candidates for immigration are selected basing on profession and personal features and don't depend on ethnicity. For example, you can go to Israel or Germany, if you are a Jew or ethnic German. To obtain a residence permit in the U.S.A., you need to win the lottery or Green card, or be sponsored by a resident of the United States, or to prove refugee status. Canada today is one of the few countries that allowing to become new Canadians for those who have good education and skills. All other countries (except Australia and New Zealand) do not provide such opportunities.

Sports are very popular in Canada. Canadians are active people. That's one of the reasons why best sport clothes and shoes brands, like shoes Josef Seibel, are so popular in Canada. Skating, skiing, hockey, soccer, hiking, fishing, baseball and basketball are very common kind of sports. It is known that basketball was invented in Canada. Country has its own football league. However, this does not mean that Canadians forget about other recreation. There are a huge number of places for sports. Atlantic provinces offer quiet, clean beaches. Western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are a paradise for skiers. The best places in North America for mountain activities are situated there. Alpine skiing is very popular in Canada and modern resorts allow both Canadian newcomers and residents to enjoy this sport. But the most favorite sport in Canada is, of course, ice hockey. Great story, great achievements and successes of Canadians in this sport are worth respect.

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