NGSL Program

The Ski League is for children from 5 to 14 years of age (5 year olds participate in what is called NGSL). In this phase, the children may just learn how to ski or they might be advanced enough to be introduced to simple team ski races and a variety of more sophisticated skills. Under the guidance of a qualified coach with a group of children with similar age and skill levels, the children will ski all kinds of terrain and snow conditions such as corduroy, bumps, trails, powder, ice and crud. Safety is of utmost importance at all times.

They call the FUN-damental phase because it focuses on creating a fun, loosely structured program. The phase focuses on the development of physical capacities such as Agility, Balance, Coordination (ABC's), speed, flexibility, and endurance through games and fun activities. Basic skiing and mental skills are being preserved and patterned.

The children will be evaluated throughout the season in accordance using a skill awards program. Through this program, your child’s progress at achieving specific skill levels will be evaluated regularly. At the time of the evaluation both your child and their coach will be given feedback on areas for development.

Season Schedule

The season starts with a Christmas Camp, 4 days of programming, over the Christmas Break. During the season, skiers can participate in either a one day program (either Saturday or Sunday) or a two day program over both Saturday and Sunday. They offered only on Saturdays. The children will participate in 2 to 3 races over the season and the Skimeister. The schedule will be posted on the website.

Daily Schedule

Morning Program: 9:00 – 11:30
Lunch Break: 11:30 am – 12:30 (with the child’s family)
Afternoon Program 12:30 – 3:00

Drop Off & Pick-Up Location

The drop off and pick up location is the bottom of Clifford Chair – far side of chair lift.
If your child arrives late for the program, you may find the coach doing one loop on the Clifford Chair but if is often very difficult to find groups once they start.
Children aged 5 to 8 years must be picked up by a parent (alternate arrangements must be made between the parent and the coach). Please be prompt when picking up your children – the coach needs a break too!

Required Equipment

Helmets designed for skiing are mandatory.
Skis and bindings must meet current safety standards.
Skimeister requires nordic equipment – if you don’t own this, you may want to arrange for rental equipment at an early date as rental shops have been know to run out. Children use their alpine skis for the jumping competition.
Downhill suits are not allowed.
Lift pass is not included in the program fees.


Training and races are held regardless of the weather as long as the hill is open!
The hill’s telephone number is 827-1717. If the program is cancelled for the day, families will receive a phone call in the early morning. Dress appropriately – in wet weather a 2nd ski suit is handy if you have one. Always check your e-mail or the OSC website if weather is a concern.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteering is a big part of the OSC and a great way to get to know other families. Belonging to the OSC includes socials and other events where you will have an opportunity to meet people both on and off the hill. Parents are expected to volunteer time for race days, including Skimeister. Please check the volunteer schedule on the website. If you can’t work at your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to arrange to switch with someone else. You children are depending on your support – don’t let them down!

Skill Awards

The OSC uses Alpine Canada’s Snow Stars skill awards program. Through this program, your child’s progress at achieving specific skill levels will be evaluated regularly through a skill-testing program. At the time of the evaluation both your child and their coach will be given feedback on areas for development. A schedule for evaluation will be available on the website.


A long-standing tradition of the is the Skimeister competition. This is a two-day, four-event competition that gives skiers a chance to try other disciplines. The four events of the Skimeister competition are Giant Slalom, Slalom, Cross Country Skiing and Ski Jumping. Children compete against other skiers according to their age grouping regardless of their skill level or the number of years they have skied. Times for the Alpine events are posted for the racers to see. Nordic equipment is required for the Cross Country Skiing component and if you don’t own this, you will want to arrange for rentals at an early date. Children use their regular skis for the jumping competition. Children qualify for Skimeister awards only if they compete in all four events.

  1. Start with a good night sleep. Skiers are spending the day outside getting lots of exercise and they must be well rested and ready to ski.
  2. Skiers are expected to be well behaved and respectful of their coach and the other children in their group.
  3. Make sure your child eats a good breakfast before they hit the snow. Ensure that they have a good lunch to re-fuel for the afternoon.
  4. Have your child make a “pit stop” at the washroom before they head out in the morning and again at lunch.
  5. Warm clothes are a must. Skiers will stay outside for the entire morning and afternoon, even on cold days.
  6. Be dry. Check to make sure all mitts, socks, neck warmers, helmets, ski boot liners and clothing are dry. Dry all clothing and equipment on Saturday night so that your child is ready to go on Sunday morning. Pack an extra pair of socks and mitts just in case they get wet during the morning.
  7. You may want to tuck a $2 coin into your child’s pocket in case it’s a very cold day and the group stops for a hot chocolate.
  8. Goggles are strongly recommended.
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